Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two Screenings in the next week, more screenings added to the list

More news from the road. First up is Seattle, where our recent screenings went very very well. We sold out both screenings (opposite the Seattle Int'l Film Fest) and had a third show added at the last minute. The reviews and public outpouring of support was overwhelming to say the least.

We're running ragged here trying to get our ducks lined up as a series of screenings approach. This Tuesday (the 29th) Wiener screens at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod. We're in the 500 seat theater so if you are in the area please come help us fill the place up!

The following Sunday (August 3rd), we screen in San Diego as a fundraiser for Classics 4 Kids, a non-profit music education charity that M.E. our producer, volunteers with.

We're also gearing up for screenings at:

Atlanta DocuFest (October 21st)
Rome Int'l Film Festival (Georgia) - September 7th
We're also heading to the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (Arkansas), and the Berea (Ohio) Oktoberfest in October. We're also setting up a series of screenings with local dachshund clubs and dog rescue groups around the country to host fundraising events (tentative locations are New York City, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, College Station Texas, Chicago, Portland, and Toronto). As those are firmed up we'll post the details here. Of course, the best place to get the most up to date list of screenings is here.

Just a final note, Shane will be on the San Diego Fox affiliate (Channel 5 as of August 1st) on Monday, August 4th on the 8-9am morning show segment. There will also be a profile of Wiener on Saturday, August 2nd in the evening newscast, although we don't have a firm time yet.

Ok that's all! See you all soon!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Phoenix "Race"

Anybody who has gone to a wiener dog race knows that not all races feature the fast and the furriest. Some of the more inexperienced racers sometimes...well, let's just let the video speak for itself...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Poster Child

We just heard that we sold out our first screening at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival yesterday ! The film received some great press in Seattle this week; Kevin Nibur's spectacular photo was apparently featured prominently in some large papers. That doesn't surprise me one bit. It's a fantastic shot - I believe one of the best sports photography shots ever. And I'm not just saying that - it is a photograph that has captivated me - and I'm sure thousand of others by now.

The 2003 "incident" - notice the third set of ears - which belong to the eventual winner Pretzel
(photo copyright Kevin Nibur)

There's a lot of backstory to this picture. Noodles is being bumped out of contention of a nation championship race - a race he had just won moments ago but was now being re-run. The look of despair in Noodles' eyes is apparent, and the look in Buddy's eyes is one of crazed glee and hunger for victory. Captured legs mid-flight - ears flopping - eyes focused - that's a one in a million photo.

I believe our poster design has also had a great part of our success. The kudos for that go out to graphic designer David Ortiz, who went through innumerable revisions - for very little pay - to help us out. Man did he deliver. If you have a branding project this is the go to guy. Notice how the poster image is flipped and rotated a bit. David did that to give the image a sort of 3D effect - and it works well!

I was truly blessed to have these guys as part of my dedicated team.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Squirty's photoshoot

When we were in Phoenix we bumped into Squirty, the fast racer that would eventually go to the nationals to represent Phoenix. He looked so cute I wanted to grab a couple of photos of him. I soon realized that wiener dogs are not the easiest to photograph, although we finally did get a few good pics (after several minutes of trying).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seattle and Cape Cod up next!

Wiener's romp across America continues! We've just finished screening at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for a week - and it kicked off with a sold out rooftop party. We'll be uploading pics as soon as we get them. A couple weeks before that was a screening at Athens International where we got honorable mention in the feature documentary category.

June sees Wiener hit Seattle via STIFF, and now our July dance card is starting to fill as we just received information that we will be screening at Cape Cod's famous Woods Hole Film Festival. We're really excited, and will definitely be attending.

We're not sure if we'll be in Seattle with the film, but at least one of the stars will be - so if you can, drop by and soak in some of the glory that is the wiener racing phenom Hailey Tyo.

That's all for now - we'll post more news when we get it. Thanks for checking in!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oklahoma City This Week

Wiener hits Oklahoma City this week (Thurs, May 15- Sunday, May 18) with six screenings at the OKC Museum of Art. Thursday evening's Oklahoma premiere will be preceded by a rooftop terrace party featuring, yup, cocktail wieners (plus live music, food, and full bar). Some of the local wiener racing celebrities will also be in attendance, so if you can make it you should - it sounds like an awesome time!

For more info go to

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A&E is a go, plus we add Seattle to our upcoming cities

Ok, well there's no confusion now. We are an official selection for the A&E IndieFilm Spotlight competition. In the coming weeks Wiener's going to be profiled on the network and their website. When we get more specifics we'll post them here.

Wiener's also on its way to Seattle this June. We'll be screening as part of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Dates are TBD.

Check back soon!