Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iris Love Speaks on the Doxie Color Issue

Here's the third and final installment of our new video releases featuring New York socialite, Guggenheim heiress, and dachshund world personality Iris Love. Never afraid to voice her opinion, Iris speaks her mind about the current piebald/double-dapple and mini versus standard controversies in the doxie world.

Iris Love on The Dachshund "Color" Issue and the "Mini/Standard" Controversy

Come back soon! We'll have more videos soon!

Iris' Healing Wiener

Okay as promised here are more Iris videos.

Here, NYC socialite and patron saint to the dachshund world Iris Love tells an inspiring story about the tremendous healing power of therapy dogs. It's a refrain we heard again and again on our travels. Check it out.

Iris Love talks about her therapy dog Phoebe.

Iris Video #1

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Yes, I know, I haven't updated the blog or the site. Getting the doc finished and out to fests has been consuming my life. Ongoing serious health issues with Marion and myself have also been contributing to the backslide, and the quarterly RAID failure was pretty much the coup de grace.

But today I more than make up for it. I've put up 18 and a half minutes of out takes
from my interview with Iris Love.

If you don't know who Iris is, you've got to get to know her; Guggenheim heiress, archaeologist, historian, and patron saint to the dachshund world, Iris is a heavy hitter in the doxie world, and landing an interview with her was no mean feat. So without any further delay here ya go with interview #1.

Iris On The History Of Dachshunds