Saturday, August 20, 2005

San Diego - Round One

Wow, what a day. Three of our dogs made it to the next round of qualifiers in San Diego. Bo, Blitzen, and defending champ Noodles, all kicked butt. Noodles day was a particular cliff-hanger for us. Initially denied entry at Los Al, Noodles made a surprise appearance in San Diego today, deciding to try to defend his title. His first few races were less than impressive - other dogs were attacking him, and as the day drew on, his times got slower and slower. Lo and behold, in the last race of the day, after having run 5 races, Noodles finally got it right - and got the fastest time of the day - qualifying for the next round by the skin of his teeth. To say I was sweating bullets would be an understatement.

Baby Luv out of contention

Sadly, Baby Luv was once again denied, being bumped out of contention in the second last race of the day, despite having posted one of the fastest times of the day earlier.

So as things stand now, we have Heidi Roo qualified for the finals, and three dogs qualified for the San Diego final qualifiers. If things keep going this well, we might have four or five dogs in the finals this December. Could the national title holder end up being one of those dogs? I can only hope...