Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seattle and Cape Cod up next!

Wiener's romp across America continues! We've just finished screening at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for a week - and it kicked off with a sold out rooftop party. We'll be uploading pics as soon as we get them. A couple weeks before that was a screening at Athens International where we got honorable mention in the feature documentary category.

June sees Wiener hit Seattle via STIFF, and now our July dance card is starting to fill as we just received information that we will be screening at Cape Cod's famous Woods Hole Film Festival. We're really excited, and will definitely be attending.

We're not sure if we'll be in Seattle with the film, but at least one of the stars will be - so if you can, drop by and soak in some of the glory that is the wiener racing phenom Hailey Tyo.

That's all for now - we'll post more news when we get it. Thanks for checking in!



CityDog Magazine said...

Yay Seattle! We'll be at the STIFF screening!

CityDog Magazine

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